Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A new year and a new harvest

Apologies for lack of updates to the blog. The end of year madness intervened, but the garden continued.

The official opening of the garden, at the end of October went off very well. Despite the fact that Sally Wise, author and cook, could not attend due to illness, her colleague, Bret Flood of Clonmel Cottage, soldiered on and did a marvellous job!

The weather was not our friend, raining fitfully most of the afternoon, but the event was well attended, with approximately 5o parents and students, along with local politicians, Mike Gaffney, Latrobe Mayor and Mersey MLC, and Jeremy Rockcliff, MHA attending.

The Advocate Newspaper ran an excellent article and pictures, while Eliza Wood of the ABC Rural Report interviewed staff, committee members and students. This interview was aired one week later.

The school's twilight fair was held the following week, with the garden creating much favourable comment and discussion.

Our volunteers worked hard over the summer holidays, and the students were keen to get back to gardening with the start of the school year. On Wednesday, 17 February, the school held a vegetable stall, selling beetroots, carrots, rainbow chard, tomatoes, beans and herbs. The money raised was sent to Caritas for its programmes in Australia and overseas.

The children were very proud of their achievement, raising $85 for this charity, and parents happily took home produce grown by their children.

The next phase of the project begins over the next month. The school hall and kitchen has been re-furbished and the kitchen set-up will go ahead in the next few weeks.

As summer produce is harvested, autumn crops will be planted. The pond, learning areas and irrigation system are being installed, and a large composting system is being built.

We may also be getting some chickens, to help with our gardening and pest control.

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