Friday, October 23, 2009

Spring is here!

Spring is finally here, and with the warmer, sunny weather, the garden is growing well.

The Garden Grows

Potting Up

Onions as thick as hairs on a cat

Grade 5/6 weeding their bed

Re-planting cereal crops after destruction by birds
Grade 2 hoeing the garden

Grade 1 erects wire for climbing peas

Along with garden maintenance tasks, some of the parents and garden committee have been building the fence. Other major works at present are construction of learning areas, planting the fruit trees and work on water features.

Much work has been done to make sure the garden is ready for its opening next Friday, and visits by local dignitaries. Bret Flood, of Conmel Cottage will be talking to the teachers and parents about vegetables and gardening in general.

Unfortunately, Sally Wise, who had been coming to open the garden is unable to attend due to ill health, so we will have her visit later.

The hard work of the committee and students is certainly beginning to pay off, with the seedlings growing. We will report on the opening (and the afternoon tea) in the next post, along with photos.

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