Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Garden is Planted

The initial plan and planting guide is finished.
Seed mix prepared for the Ley Bed

During the final week of the winter term, students from all classes planted their beds, with the Grade 5/6 students working on the plans for the berry garden, learning areas, sheds and auxiliary areas, as part of their contribution.

Grade 5/6 students mapping placement of pond, polyhouses and learning areas

Kinders prepare for planting

Kinders start planting

Kinders admire their work

Prep class preparing their bed
Gumboots are a must for Preps in this weather!

Grade 1 take their instructions seriously!

Grade 1 planting their pea bed
It's a reach for a grade 1!
Grade 1 sows a ley bed

Grade 2 prepare their bed
The worm proves the soil is healthy.

Grade 3 sows carrots

Grade 4 sow onions

It's a dirty job, and Grade 4 has to do it!

The 5/6ers erect their sign

Grade 5/6 sow the cereal bed

Now the seeds have been sown, we need to hope that the weather helps the garden along. The constant rain from July to September has made life very difficult for all farmers, but some warmer and sunnier weather will be most welcome.

When the children return to school next week, we hope the first seeds will be sprouting. We can then proceed with plans for the garden's official opening and we are hoping to have some 'celebrity' gardeners and cooks to talk to the staff and students about the importance of growing and eating your own food.