Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Garden Grows

The weather has been against us lately.

Although the rain is much appreciated, there have been almost no clear days to get the construction work on the garden carried out. The brave band of gardeners did manage to find a break in the weather on Saturday, August 15 to finally construct the major beds and paths. Here is some of their work.

Please note the black clouds visible in almost every picture. Apparently, if it rains on St. Swithins Day it will rain for the next forty days. We are well into that!

Here is the picture diary of the day's work. Click on the photos to embiggen

Preparing for construction

The first bed begins.....

and is finished!

Bringing in the heavy machinery!

Some of the willing workers

The beds grow

Looking like a garden

Completed beds

A good day's work!

The Grade 5/6 class are tasked with designing the layout for the berry garden and other areas. As some of these students will be moving on to high school next year, this is their chance to make a lasting contribution to the project.

Over coming weeks, each class will become responsible for the planning and planting of their own garden bed. Teachers will be including the garden into classroom curricula and activities for third term.

During this time, we will be incorporating the garden and its produce into the Move Well, Eat Well program which is currently running at the school. Once construction and planting is complete, the project will move into the next phase, including an official opening for the garden.

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