Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The First Post!

This blog was created to follow the progress of the St Patrick's Primary School Kitchen garden project in Latrobe, Tasmania.

We received a grant from the Commonwealth Department of Health and Aging to assist with set up costs for the garden and upgrading the canteen facilities to encourage our children to enjoy growing organic food and to learn how to cook and eat the produce they grow.

Latrobe is a rural town, not far from Devonport, Tasmania on the North-West Coast of the island. It enjoys a temperate Mediterranean climate, and farms in the areas grow an enormous range of produce.

Currently, the plans for the garden have been drawn up, planning for the site is well underway, and organic soil is being delivered to fill garden beds. We are planning a working bee to undertake construction of the beds, drainage and fences.

We are also examining plans for a worm farm and for composting, a growing and planting plan and linkages between curriculum, the garden and the kitchen.

Photos will be posted soon, and this blog will document progress towards a healthier lifestyle for our kids.

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